Why Intimate Health

I treat many primary care complaints from the common cold, Urinary infections, Depression, Birth Control, nail infections and more. I enjoy helping people obtain knowledge to guide them in making informed desions about their health. I started Intimate Health to help people with intimate issues patients find difficult to discuss.

I have often noticed the lack of information regarding intimate health care by patients. I believe that people need to be aware of the biological changes going on with their bodies throughout life. Intimate health care is one area I feel needs more focus in primary care. In my grandmas generation, “These things weren’t talked about!” Grandma told my mom, not to kiss a boy or she could get pregnant. My generations information was not much more informative. Young people have, “The TALK,” with their parents. You know, the one about “the birds and the bees.” The one supposedly meant to prepare you for the changes coming. In reality, most TALKS lacked any real good information.

The “TALK” for me: My mom basically said you can use tampons or pads. She gave me a box of each and said the instructions are inside. Mom took me to the store and had me go in, to buy the next box to be sure I wasn’t afraid! She said “You have to start somewhere!” She had no more to tell me. How could she, no one taught her. So we go through our days and they turn to years with physical, emotional and sometimes scary changes occuring. We are not sure whether the changes are normal. I have seen this over and over in my years of providing care for both men and women.

With my own children, 2 boys and 1 girl, I decided, I would not follow the historical route regarding intimate health with them. I gave them correct information and details. I made the TALKS factual, lighthearted, and even a little entertaining. Sometimes I heard “TMI” mom. However, we were living in Germany when our 8 year old daughter came home and asked, “Mom what’s a blow job?” That is when I realized my children needed all the facts regarding their health and self care. When my daughter was 13 years old, I gave her the book “For Yourself,” by Lonnie Garfield Barbach. I was criticized by coworkers (nurses), for giving a 13 year old this book. Looking back now, I wish I had given it sooner. The book, speaks to some important subjects, some girls may be feeling or experiencing but may not be comfortable speaking of. No one wants to be different, especially when we are young.

My kids, now grown and with kids of their own, are not afraid to ask about anything. I feel this is a result of my honesty and openness and I didn’t make stories up. I gave them facts to help them understand their bodies, I gave them information about how to protect themselves from emotional and physical harm ie: abuse, STD’s and unplanned pregnancy …

As we age the changes keep coming. Again many are unprepared, without the knowledge of the way your body changes. As I got older I realized I knew very little of menopause. I had to learn, ask questions, further my training and help my patients. Symptoms of menopausal can include vaginal dryness, more frequent urinary infections, pain with intercourse. Know that there are options.

For men, it can be erectile dysfunction (ED). The average age men start to experience ED is 50 years. This is a difficult subject to approach for some but is important to address for physical and emotional well being. For many of these symptoms there are treatment options. You cannot find out about if you don’t ask. I strive to provide accurate and current answers to questions and information related to a patient’s specific questions and issues.

Online care with Intimate Health Telemedicine gives you the option to choose the environment. Now, you know why I started My Intimate Health Practice. You can also visit our Facebook page.

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Sharon Zell NP