Seasonal Allergies

Spring has arrived! Along with Spring comes flowers, new life, pollens and seasonal allergies. Some people have had allergies since childhood while others develop them as they age. Either way, allergies can interrupt your life. What can you do about that?


It can be difficult identifying a cold from allergies. The symptoms are very similar.

General Aches & PainsSometimesNever
Tiredness & WeaknessSometimesNever
Itchy EyesRarelyUsually
Sore ThroatUsuallyRarely
Runny NoseUsuallyUsually
Stuffy NoseUsuallyUsually

Colds usually last 5-7 days but can last up to 2 weeks. Allergies last several weeks. Seasonal allergies occur during specific seasons. For example: Spring and Fall.

Treatment Options

You can try an antihistamine. I recommend Cetirizine for adults in treating seasonal allergies. Zyrtec is the brand name but there are many generics which are substantially less expensive. For example: Kirkland brand from Costco or Amazon. If your allergy symptoms improve then you know it is allergies. If it makes you sleepy take it at bedtime.

If you struggle with mucous and cough due to allergies, you can also try nasal saline flushes. I recommend Neilmed Sinus Rinse. Use twice daily, morning and night. You can use more often if you desire. Your mucous has a job. Mucous warms the air as you breath it in, and filters out pollens. Now those pollens are stuck in the mucous in your sinus passages. The body produces more mucous to push the allergens out of the body. It can be a vicious circle.

For those with significant allergies it is also recommended that you adhere to good allergy hygiene habits. You want allergy free time for the body, with a goal of 8 hours a day. Well, how can you go about life away from allergens. Sounds like living in a plastic bubble. You can do this during sleep hours.

  • No pets, animals, or plants in the bedroom.
  • Clean sheets, clean room, vacuumed floors
  • Keep bedroom door closed day and night, as well as windows
  • Always shower before bed to remove allergens
  • Clean Jammies every night
  • Nasal saline flush before bed
  • Keep dirty clothes in a closed hamper away from the bed

While it is impossible to have no allergens, you can get a rest from a lot of them this way. If you have tried all the above and are still having allergy symptoms, you should be seen. You may likely need an additional allergy medication added to your cetirizine and at Intimate Health Telemedicine, I am here to help.

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