“How do you make any money with a cash only business, why would anyone pay cash for care”?

It is simple really. Have you ever woken up to a urinary tract infection (UTI) and you must be at work in an hour? How long does it usually take for you to get an appointment and how much work do you miss? Being cashed based our prices are one-tenth of a clinic visit without the wait. In most cases, less than your copay. By not paying to hire for a billing department, I am able to offer services at very low prices.

I see a lot of depression and anxiety. Wait times to get in to be seen at a clinic do not compare to the wait time to get in for psychiatric care. Wait times for psychiatric care run 6-18 months. There is also the convenience. I have many customers who like being able to be seen while on a lunch break or a specific time. I always run on-time because I believe your time is just as important as mine.

Another common reason some come to my service is Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Men do not want to talk about ED, and they not only feel comfortable but, my prices are so affordable they prefer to pay out-of-pocket. Some insurance companies do not cover these prescriptions, or the copay is not affordable. I have recommendations on how to get the medications for a better price. For example, 30 pills with insurance can have copays in the several hundreds of dollars. I know how clients can get the prescription for $10 or less.

I also offer a receipt to customers who have an FSA/HSA account. They can use that receipt to get reimbursement. Many customers are self employed and do not have regular health insurance but rather, they have catastrophic insurance. My prices are highly competitive, and I can help you to find the lowest cash price on pharmaceuticals.

From nail infections, yeast infections, skin infections, UTI’s, menopausal symptoms, vaginal issues, pain with intercourse, depression, anxiety, gout flare, migraines, birth control and the list goes on. At Intimate Health Telemedicine, I am here to help. Call 541-315-8338 to schedule. I will take it from there!

New patient appointments $49 and all others $30 for 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, I can diagnose and get you back to living your best life. You can also visit our Facebook page!

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Sharon Zell NP