Pink Eye

Pink eye is a common and highly contagious inflammation or infection of the outer membrane of the eyeball and the inner eyelid. It can be spread by touching a contaminated surface and then your eye. It is also spread by skin-to-skin contact like handshakes or hugs. It can be viral or allergies, and if you develop a thick discharge, bacterial.


Symptoms include redness, itching and tearing of the eye. It can lead to a discharge or crusting around the eyes. You may experience redness, discharge, dryness, puffy eyes, swollen lining of the eye, nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing and sensitivity to light.


It’s important to stop wearing contacts and make up. If you wear make-up, you should dispose of it and start new as the bacteria is in the make-up. Do not wear make-up or contacts until the infection clears. Most cases clear up on their own with self-care. Use a cold compress and artificial tears to control burning, itching, and swelling. Pink eye is typically self-healing. If you develop a goopy discharge, you will need antibiotics.


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